I want Candy lisa Ruocco|Friends with the blink 182 cover band  (Just an rp I'm faker than your moms tits)

I have slept my life away.

Who can I annoy on Aim? leave your aims!

i know that feel
I hate this feeling

I refuse to move from my bed but i have to

Rude Andy rude!

leave me your aim if i can come annoy you

Hey I’m Lisa and I write some blog stuff for Buzznet and model in my spare time. I’m friends with those assholes in the shitty Blink-182 cover band also known as All Time low. I’m really easy to get along with as long as you have food. i enjoy long walks to my fridge and I promise I don’t bite. Come talk to me on aim I really enjoy new friends. 

Aim: ruoccosmodernlifelisa